MBBS, it isn’t just a degree. It is a dream, a life in itself which almost every student who took biology as their subject in 12th class wants to live. Being a doctor is one of the most reputed careers in India and abroad.  However, as soon as the school life is over a biology student gets confused about what to do next. Apart from India, Russia is equally suitable for pursuing medical studies. So let’s discuss some of the factors that prove this right.


  • The fee is less as compared to India
  • MCI approves MBBS in Russia
  • Less competition
  • Good medical colleges and teaching aids
  • No tantrums of colleges like in INDIA
  • No need for language tests like IELTS or TOEFL
  • No donation fee is needed


  • Russian medical universities are amongst the top medical universities in the world.
  • MBBS in Russia is amongst the most affordable medical courses abroad.
  • Different councils of different countries recognize most of the medical universities.
  • Their government manages universities in Russia only unlike India.
  • MBBS in RUSSIA mainly focuses on the medical practice which is more important.
  • Minimum course fee in Russia is approx 2-2.5 lakhs per year
  • Students even get an option to pursue their PG in Russia.


Many misconceptions arise while getting admission abroad.

1. According to many people, there is racism in Russia which makes it a place not worth pursuing studies

Therefore India is full of racism, but nobody ever talks about that. In India, many students come from abroad to pursue their studies. Even these students face discrimination and racism, but still, no one can deny that India is significant in providing education. Then why criticize Russia, judge it on the bases of knowledge, not on the social issues.

2. Indian students need to give an MCI screening test before starting their practice in India

While pursuing MBBS abroad, you have to pass the exam for getting a license in that country. This isn’t just the case with MBBS in RUSSIA which makes it the top priority for the students.

3. The degree is not valid worldwide

Firstly this is a task for the students to research correctly before taking admission in any university about whether their degree is acceptable worldwide or not. Moreover, secondly, MBBS IN RUSSIA is a degree that is accepted internationally and all over Europe. So don’t follow the myths and research properly before taking an action