Pursuing MBBS in Russia open multiple options for students. Sometimes they are not aware of what is available to them and feel like dropping the idea. But this is not to do at all. After completing MBBS in Russia, options will get available to them. These options include:-

  • Students can easily choose to pursue PG in India after clear MCI Exam.
  • Options are available to pursue PG Abroad as well. Respective screening tests are there they need to clear after pursuing MBBS in Russia.
  • Students can go for a post-graduation degree in India, and after clearing the NMC screening test, they can choose any of the reputed colleges in India for it.
  • If a student wants to become part of any medical institution in India, they just need to qualify for the MCI exam after pursuing MBBS in India and have a stable place in their career.

How long are the precautions during MBBS in Russia?

Indian students usually feel like they will not going to have any vacation when pursuing MBBS in Russia, but this is not true at all. Two long vacations are there, and these are as follows:-

  • Summer vacation is of two months for July and August, and they need to reach the University for next semester before 1st September.
  • Winter vacation is for students in the month of January, and these usually start from 15th January and last till the first week of February.

During the vacation period, students are free to go anywhere. If they want to visit their hometown, they can move ahead and enjoy, and if you want to stay in University, the option will be there. The parent’s concern is important for choosing any of the options.

How to choose University for pursuing MBBS in Russia?

While choosing University for pursuing MBBS in Russia, certain factors are important to consider. This includes:-

University offering the same specializations:

Every medical student has the thought that this is the particular is specialization in which they want to complete their MBBS. Get an idea of whether the University you are choosing offering you the same option or not. If they do not have the same option, you need to look for some other universities available with it.

Fee structure of the University:

The fee structure will help you to get an idea about the expenses. There is no doubt education in Russia is quite affordable, but according to the University, there is some fluctuation in fees. You need to get an idea about the fees so that you can plan your MBBS admission in Russia easily.

Accreditations to the University:

Don’t forget to check out the academicians available to University post of some of the University is recognized by the Medical Council of India and WHO along with UNESCO, and some do not hold the same recognition. We suggest you check for it because it helps you to have a stable career in the future as well. If you have chosen University having no recognition, it might appear to be a waste of time and money for you.

Duration of MBBS:

Last but not least, gets an idea about the duration of MBBS. Some universities are there providing the academic career of five years and one year is for internship and some universities and having some less years available. Check it out and reach the conclusion which University is best suited to study MBBS in Russia.

What lets students doubt when applying for MBBS in Russia?

Multiple factors are there contributing to the doubts students have. But the major problem arises with admission agents. Some Admission agents are there who makes fake promises with students that they help them throughout, but they are available there still admission gets approved. After it, they do not help students to understand things in detail.

But when you are coming to Admission Route for seeking help for MBBS admission in Russia, the same trouble will not be there at all. We always want all our students to feel satisfied with the services we are providing. Also, we are not taking any tuition fees from them. A student is supposed to deposit the tuition fees on the online portals available. We will be going to act as the passage that will allow you to connect with universities where you can pursue your MBBS degree.

Scholarships available to students

For the students out, there are three types of scholarships offered by Russian medical universities. These are as follows:-

  • Russian government scholarship:

Under Russian Government scholarship, there will be free tuition fees, maintenance allowances, student accommodation charges available. Students need to manage their regular activities expenses.

  • Russian non-Government scholarship:

Russian non-Government scholarship is for the school of Russian and Asian Studies. It has Benjamin scholarships available along with American Council scholarships. This totally depends on the eligibility criteria.

  • Russian scholarship for international students:

For international students, the university offering impression scholarships include :

  1. I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
  2. Saint Petersburg  State University

Things to consider while packing a bag for MBBS in Russia

While students are packing bag for MBBS in Russia, they need to occupy the luggage with:-

  • All the necessary documents, including the scanned copies.
  • Get an idea about the atmosphere in the city where ever you are taking admission because in some cities the temperature is quite moderate.
  • Occupy yourself with some additional Indian currency so that you can get the Russian currency in exchange at the airport.
  • Be ready to have a concerned form signed by your parents where they are agreed with your admission.
  • Have your all the medical test done because in case any of the tests are missed the University will not promote you for MBBS admission in Russia.
  • Occupy yourself with smart devices as well because it allows you to have access to all the online facility is available, and there will be no need for you to visit any cyber cafe at all.
  • Take all the basic medicines along if you are allergic to any particular one and you have any replacement related to the same.

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