MBBS in Russia: Far Different From Other Countries

MBBS is the dream of every student. For every medical aspirant, the major question of consideration is which university to choose to study MBBS. Among all the countries out there, MBBS in Russia is one of the major selections by students.

Different reasons are there, which contributes to the fact that choosing the top Medical College in Russia is the right choice. After choosing so, students can be sure that they can acquire the best knowledge for the course in which they are enrolling themselves.

But some students still are not sure of the major differences considering MBBS in Russia is different from other countries. Let’s explore the major differences for a better understanding.


  1. Differentiate between universities
  2. Cost of education
  3. Cost of living
  4. Scope after MBBS in Russia
  5. MCI approved universities
  6. Duration of MBBS
  7. Practical knowledge is also a must for Russian universities
  8. Global recognition of degree
  9. Medium of study
  10. Highly qualified professionals
  11. Climatic condition in Russia
  12. Ragging free campus
  13. Separate hostel facilities

Parameters of differentiation MBBS in Russia with other countries:-

  1. Differentiate between universities:

Focusing on the differences of universities offering MBBS in Russia and other countries than the list is so long. Majorly universities in Russia are coming up with modern education criteria with all the modern facilities. It is right to conclude that students will encounter all the modern facilities along with the ancient ones. The universities are coming up with different aspects for making things more clear and helping students learn them seamlessly.

Focusing on other countries, then some countries are there that are still dealing with the ancient techniques and students will not be able to understand the new techniques available.

  1. Cost of education:

The cost of education is also a primary factor of consideration for students. While choosing MBBS in Russia, students will be able to complete the course within their budget range. But some other countries are there that are really very expensive and affording medical education is not everyone's affair. Per year the fees in Russia are from $4000 to $11000. Rest depends on the university expenses, which are not that much higher.

  1. Cost of living:

Russia comes up with affordable accommodation along with a well-structured curriculum. For all the medical students, the universities provide hostel facilities. Students do not need to go for private apartments. Private apartments are quite expensive as compared to hostels. Also, the cost of convenience starts from dollar $30 to 100 per month, and the rest is on the student how much they are spending. The rooms are occupied with all the basic facilities so there will be no need for a student to spend money unnecessarily.

  1. Scope after MBBS in Russia:

After completing MBBS in Russia, students can directly go for PG abroad and can prepare for the MCI screening test too. After qualifying for the MCI screening test, they can simply become part of civil services and any of the government hospitals in India. If a student wants to organize their own hospitals, they can move ahead with that.

  1. MCI approved universities:

Not even a single University is there which is not MCI approved. It is right to conclude that the universities in Russia MCI approved so students will not face any kind of validation issues. They can simply apply for further studies in any of the countries and get admission easily.

  1. Duration of MBBS:

The duration of MBBS is six years. But this six-year duration is divided into two parts. The five-year duration is for the academic curriculum, and one year is for the internship. After completing the five-year duration, a student can simply become part of the internship and practice the skills they have learned throughout the year. If they are facing any trouble during the internship, professionals are there to help them.

  1. Practical knowledge is also a must for Russian universities:

Russian universities are not only focusing on theoretical knowledge but on practical knowledge as well. A student will learn the theory part but along with practicals. If a student is facing any problem throughout the practical session, professionals will help them. Professional knowledge is important for a doctor because not everything is written in the book, and sometimes the practical knowledge will help them to understand the particular situation.

  1. Global recognition of degree:

The degree offered to MBBS students after completing MBBS in Russia is globally accepted. As the universities are MCI approved so there will be no such problem considering it.

  1. Medium of study:

The medium of study is the English language. It clearly means for Indian students, there will be no need to learn any particular language. They can simply enroll themselves and in their native language can learn about the course.

  1. Highly qualified professionals:

Thankfully students will have encounters with highly qualified professionals. The professionals available for teaching students having years of experience and help them to learn about all the concepts in detail.

  1. The climatic condition in Russia:

Climatic condition is an entirely different factor, and a student needs to be sure about it. Russia is accommodated with a moderate climate, so living there will be quite easy for students during Study MBBS in Russia. The average winter temperature remains - 20 degrees Celsius, and in summer, it will be around 25 degrees Celsius. The accommodations are occupied with the heating facility so students can stay there without any trouble.

  1. Ragging free campus:

The campus is ragging-free, so parents can feel secured. If parents are having a thought that there might be some trouble to their child, then there is nothing for them to think about it twice. If any problems are arising, the legal authorities are always ready to take action.

  1. Separate hostel facilities:

For students, separate hostel facilities are there. For boys and girls in the hostel, the mess is also different so they can get proper Indian food and the facilities available. If there is any problem happening, the Indian wardens are also there to help them.

So yes, it is right to conclude choosing MBBS in Russia is the appropriate option for all the medical students out there. Make sure to plan things accordingly and then go for it. This is one of the best options because of the high-class facilities available. When choosing Russia for MBBS, a student needs to be sure about their mindset too. Until and unless a student is not mentally prepared, they cannot feel comfortable with the decision.


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