MBBS in Russia: Ranking and Fee of Medical Universities

Planning to choose a medical path? It’s big and needs thinking about many things. Russia is a global pick. It is awesome for those wanting good medical learning. In this quick read, we’re looking at the top Universities to study MBBS in Russia. Our focus will be on 2024’s rankings and fee Structure for these Universities.


Why Choose to Study MBBS in Russia?

Russia earns global respect. It is known for the top-notch medical schooling. Russian Medical Universities are admired world-wide. These Universities stand out. The nation has a vibrant culture and varied population. It has cutting edge medical facilities. When you study MBBS in Russia it gives you a worldwide valid degree. The price of an MBBS degree here? Way less than anywhere else in the world. Plus, the students benefit from a rich, cultural setting. Here the advance healthcare practices are the norm.


Top Medical Universities to Study MBBS in Russia 2024:

  1. Bashir State Medical University:

Bashkir State Medical University is known for those dreaming to be doctors. It is known for great course selection and modern facilities. Its high ranking in Russia’s medical school list adds to its charm. This make the college an excellent choice for aspiring doctors.

Tuition fees: 3 Lakh Rubble Per year


  1. Kazan State Medical University:

Kazan State Medical University is situated in the historical city of Kazan. This college stands as a pillar of medical education. Its main focus is on research and practical training. The college secures its place among the top medical institutes in Russia.

Tuition fees: 4.20 Lakh Per year


  1. Altai State Medical University:

Altai State Medical University is famous for its student-centric approach. Altai is equipped with modern methods. The University commitment is academic excellence and research. This places it on the top place in the medical education in Russia.

Tuition fees: 4000 USD Per year


  1. Irkutsk State Medical University:

Irkutsk State Medical University focus is on innovation and overall learning. It has earned an important place in the rankings. Its focus is on producing well rounded medical experts. This makes it a preferred choice for students.

Tuition fees: 4000 USD per year


  1. Orel State University:

The medical program of the Orel State Medical University has a blend of two things. That is the tradition and modernity. The dedication of the University is to nurture critical thinking. Practical skills are also very much groomed here. This contributes to its ranking among the top medical University to study MBBS in Russia.

Tuition fees: 2.50 Lakh Rubble Per year


  1. Kazan Federal University:

Kazan Federal University is one of the oldest and respected Universities in Russia. The institute has held high positions in global rankings. The medical program of the University is famous for its quality education. This has a number of research additions too.

Tuition fees: 4.68 Lakh Rubble Per year


  1. Crimea Federal University:

Crimea Federal University is situated in the beautiful Crimea region. This academy offers a unique environment for studies. The University is recognized for its global partnership. Global Students’ community makes it a standout choice. It is main famous is in producing aspiring medical experts.

Tuition fees:4600 USD Per year

  1. Ulyanovsk State University:

The medical program of the Ulyanovsk State University has a blend of two things. It is academic and practical exposure. The institute has commitment to producing good doctors. It has earned a notable position in the rankings.

Tuition fees: 3 Lakh Rubble Per year

  1. Kabardino Balkarian State University:

    Kabardino Balkarian State University focus is to nurture talent. They bring up a research-oriented environment. The institute is a rising star in Russia’s medical Education. Its commitment to innovation and excellence sets it apart.

Tuition fees: 2.17 Lakh Rubble Per year


  1. Far Eastern Federal University:

Far Eastern Federal University is in the vibrant Far East region. A unique perspective is offered by the University. The academy’s main emphasis is on global effort. This contributes to its recognition in the rankings.

Tuition fees: 3.90 Lakh Rubble Per year


  1. Moscow State Medical University:

Moscow State Medical University is situated at the heart of Russia’s capital. The academy stands tall as a beacon of medical education. It is famous for its world-class faculty. It continues to be a front runner in the rankings.

Tuition fees: 8 lakh Rubble year


It’s important to note that above mentioned tuition fees are approx. This may vary based on the specific program. This does not include any extra costs. Such as residence and living expenses.

Is MBBS from Russia valid in India?

Yes! If you got your medical degree from Russia, it’s valid in India. But the Medical Council of India (MCI) must approve the Russian Medical University. Several Russian University have MCI’s approval. A few are listed above.

Graduates from these Universities can continue­ their education. They can also become practicing doctors in India. To do that, they must first pass a specific test. It’s an important step for future students. The first step to study MBBS in Russia is to pick an MCI-approved college.


Admission process to study MBBS in Russia

The admission process to study MBBS in Russia is simple. It is student friendly as well.

Aspiring students must first ensure that they qualify. Different criteria are set by the institutes. Typically, this involves completing secondary education, with a background in science.

Students then need to submit their application forms. All the forms must submit along with relevant documents. This includes academics and a valid passport.

Most Russian Universities do not require students to sit for entrance exams. This makes the admission process very easy.

Admissions are based on academic performance. Then the submission of necessary documents are done.

Upon acceptance, students are issued an invitation letter. This is crucial for obtaining a student visa. It’s essential to stay informed about application deadlines. Gather all the required documents. Follow the institute-specific procedures.

Overall, the process to get into medical University in Russia is simple and clear. This benefits students from around the world. Thereby, supporting global students’ entry.


Conclusion of Study MBBS in Russia: 

Choosing to study MBBS in Russia opens up a world of options. The top medical Universities in Russia offer world-class education. Considering the rankings and fees structure for 2024. Students can make the informed decision after that.

You can take the first step towards a rewarding career in medicine. Russia’s commitment to excellence in Education makes it a good place. This place is a haven for all those seeking a holistic learning experience.

If you aspire to pursue an MBBS degree in Russia, we are here to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us at the Admission route.